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California is one of the largest states in the US (trailing Alaska and Texas in size) and is referred to as the Golden State, which originates from the gold rush of 1849. Very few miners did anything but become broke, while those that supplied the miners with materials grew very rich.

California is located along the west coast of the United States and is one of the most visited places on the planet. The capital has moved over time but is currently in Sacramento, located in the central part of the state.
California coastline has a Mediterranean climate and as such, has attracted large populations and have successfully used political means, particularly in the southern region (Los Angeles in particular) to redirect water resources from both northern regions and other states to serve thirsty populations. Central California is the breadbasket of the nation.

Los Angeles is the most populous city in California and is located in the southern half of the state. It is a great and very diverse city; from Hollywood to East L.A. you can find every possible lifestyle represented in this microcosm. Los Angeles is home to traffic jams, smog, and political power in the state.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to the cities of San Francisco, San Jose, the 3rd largest California city and the nations 10th largest city, and Oakland. San Francisco is best known for its picturesque Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and the former prison on Alcatraz Island. Generally seen as one of the most liberal places on the planet, the Bay area also boasts the Silicon Valley, home to a multitude of high-tech companies and venture capitalists and Stanford University, legacy of capitalist titan and former California Governor Leland Stanford.

San Diego is located on the southern end of the state and offers good beaches and water-based sports. It is home to the west-coast submarine fleet for the US Navy. There are many family-friendly things to visit in San Diego including Sea World, Mission San Diego De Acala, and the Wild Animal Park. Avoid the World Famous San Diego Zoo unless you like crowds and prefer not to see large wild animals close-up. Though a package is available at the Wild Animal Park, San Diego Zoo, and Sea World that gives you one pass to all three. They don't have to be used in one day, and it's quite a bit cheaper than going to all three individually. The San Diego Zoo does have some wonderful displays, even if there are large crowds, and if the pandas are out, the crowds in the rest of the zoo tend to dim down. The tour buses are also nice to take around the zoo.

Southern California is also known for its theme parks: Disneyland, California Adventure, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, and many more. These places are very fun to visit, and continue bring in tourists by the millions every year. If you go Disney, always use fast-passes to get yourself scheduled on the popular rides. If you go Universal, bite the bullet and get VIP passes -- you'll do all the popular rides in a single morning -- otherwise prepare to wait 2 hours per ride!

Booking a flight to California is a easy and flights fly across the state to all main airports.

Some of the most beautiful spots for hiking and other outdoor activities are Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake, and Yosemite in the High Sierra. Reaching as it does from the Mexican border in the south to the Pacific Northwest in the north, California must have one of the most diverse climates of any state. If you can stand the heat, try exploring one of California's many deserts, such as Death Valley. On the other end of the climate spectrum, the redwood rainforests of the North Coast are truly a sight to behold and offer a very different glimpse of a beautiful state!

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Besides the normal sites, make sure you check out California’s nightlife while researching escorted tours. California is replete with comedy clubs and blues bars, pubs and martini lounges: endless variety for grown-ups after dark.

Map of California Political Pictures

Map of California Political Pictures
Map of California Political Pictures
Map of California Political Pictures 1
Map of California Political Pictures 2This is Map of California Political Pictures, the City maps are big map details location area.

San Francisco City Tourist Maps Pictures

Downtown San Francisco City Tourist Maps
Downtown San Francisco City Tourist Maps
San Francisco City Tourist Maps images
San Francisco City Tourist Maps
San Francisco Airport Location Maps images
San Francisco City Tourist Maps 2
Detailed country and City maps of USA, assuming the exact breadth of San Francisco and the accompaniment of California (CA). Burghal maps of San Francisco appearance an overview of the surrounding area, with important locations abutting to San Francisco, California, USA acutely displayed. These accommodate adjacent cities, towns and villages.

The afterward maps of San Francisco, California (CA) are accurately advised to abetment with accessible acclimatization of this breadth of USA, with above anchorage and highways about San Francisco acutely adumbrated breadth relevant.

Are you cerebration of traveling to San Francisco? Well, the aboriginal affair that you charge to do for this is get a San Francisco map and attending up the place. A bright at the map will get you acquainted, with any things including the breadth of the place, the altitude that you can expect, and the mural you will appear across, besides a host of added things. Whether you are attractive to band with your ancestors or adore some airy times with accompany or exploring a new abode with your beloved, San Francisco is the abode you charge arch to. This is a city, which has article or the added to action to everybody.

Before attractive to book your San Francisco auberge reservations, it would be astute to apperceive what breadth are best for you to book your auberge in. Ideally, you should accept a auberge that is abutting to the places your are planning on visiting, in a touristic area. The advantage to accept a touristic breadth is that not alone your are abutting to all the fun venues and museums, but additionally you will accept lots of assets to calculation on if you can’t acquisition your way or can’t acquisition your attraction. However, blockage in a added touristic can be added pricey.

For that reason, bodies on a account may adjudge to accomplish their San Francisco auberge anxiety added from the centermost of the city. If it is your case, accomplish abiding that you accept accessible busline adjacent and that the auberge you accept is not absolutely too far from the city. Sometimes, bodies book after accomplishing their analysis and acquisition themselves to be over an hour out of the centermost of the city! San Francisco auberge anxiety is actuality to advice you accomplish the appropriate choice.

Downtown Los Angeles (LA) Map Pictures

Downtown Los Angeles (LA) Map Pictures
Downtown Los Angeles (LA) Map
Downtown Los Angeles (LA) Map Area
Downtown Los Angeles (LA) Map 2
The City is disconnected into over 80 districts and neighborhoods, abounding of which were congenital places or communities that were annexed by the city. There are additionally several absolute cities about Los Angeles, but they are bargain aggregate with the city of Los Angeles, either due to actuality absolutely engulfed as enclaves by Los Angeles, or lying aural its actual vicinity. Generally, the city is disconnected into the afterward areas: Downtown Los Angeles, The Eastside and Northeast Los Angeles, South Los Angeles (still generally colloquially referred to as South Central by locals), the Harbor Area, Greater Hollywood, Wilshire, the Westside and the San Fernando and Crescenta Valleys.

Some acclaimed communities aural Los Angeles accommodate West Adams, Watts, Leimert Park, Baldwin Hills, Venice Beach, the Downtown Financial District, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Hollywood, Koreatown, Westwood and the added flush areas of Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Hollywood Hills, Hancock Park, Pacific Palisades, Century City, and Brentwood.